New location

Jægersborgvej 66A, 1.sal

2800 Kongens Lyngby

Phone 45871548



When you need a doctor call the clinic for a consultation.

Please do not show up without a scheduled time because of COVID-19.

If a consultation requires a physical examination you will get an appointment by phone, or online booking is also possible. 



08:00-08:30: Acute or short consultation with a doctor or nurse by phone.


09:15-12:00 Prescription medicine and booking of consultations


12:00-16:00 The phone is closed. In case of an urgency that cannot be postponed to the following day.

If emergency between 12:00-16:00, call 45871548 and you will be directed to our emergency phone


From 16:00 and i weekends and hollidays call "Akuttelefonen" number 1813.

In case of life threatening emergency call 112.



For general advise about COVID-19 call Corona Hotline 70200233 og check



General practitioner

The danish health care system is based on the general practitioner.
The general practitioner is a medical doctor with a specialist training in family medicine and general practise, and here most diseases, acute as well as chronic, are diagnosed and treated.
If needed, the general practioner can refer you to a hospital or a specialist.
The general practitioner is the cornerstone in the preventive health programmes for children and adults.
When studying or working in Denmark you will usually get the yellow health insurance card, which is needed to receive free consultation.


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